Pasko Na Sa Boy Zugba Event Proper

As Christmas is fast approaching, it’s really easy to spend a lot of money during the holidays. All of the food, decorations and gifts can add up quickly. But, there are ways to enjoy the Christmas season without ruining your budget. Last Saturday, November 18, Boy Zugba celebrate it’s early pinaskohan. A one day Eat-All-You-Can-Event with your favorite main dishes like Chicken Inasal, Cheezy Chorizo, Pancit sa Pulis and many more. For only 249 pesos, our migo and miga enjoyed dining-in at Boy Zugba!

Boy Zugba Staffs during the Event

Something to think about: Are you excited about your gift? Pick one!

Bolang Krystal ni Boy Zugba

Eat-All-You Can ni Bai!

Dishes during the event

Look at those lovely stars. Pasko na sa Boy Zugba!

Customers who dine-in during the event

A perfect way to celebrate a birthday, unli-food plus unli-fun!

Birthday Celebrant with her friends

Look who’s with us during the event. A zuper plus fun with this group of bloggers, Blag Squad and Ms. CDO!

with the Blag Squad

with Boy Zugba Gang and Ms. CDO

Buzog smiles of satisfied customers.

It was a day full of fun bonding and Habhab dining. Indeed it was a successful event for Boy Zugba as we welcome Christmas season.

Bisita na kamo mga Migo og Miga! Kay sa Boy Zugba Buzog ka!


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