Book Signing with Maxinejiji

Last October 1, 2017, CDO Jijies organized a book signing and a meet and greet event with Maxinejiji at Boy Zugba Corrales, Cagayan de Oro City. The event was attended with over a hundred fans! WOW!

Who’s Maxinejiji by the way?

Maxinejiji or Maxine Lat Calibuso is a Filipino writer who wrote the famous Wattpad series “He’s Into Her” with over 80 Million reads! Her book will be produced soon into a series under ABS-CBN productions.

Together Jijies, let’s wish for the best to our Hambogest!

You can read all of her books now at Wattpad, just click HERE. Her books are available in print too. You can buy them at any bookstore near you.

Photo Credits: Kamila Jiji and Linde Mae Ebarat

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