Trivia Night: The Final Battle

Boy Zugba Trivia Night, since its launching last July 7, 2015, has been locally known as one of the go-to-places for quiz nights in Cagayan de Oro. It has also become one of the primary Boy Zugba store activities, aside from Tara Go It’s Beernes (T.G.I.B) and the Sadsad, that has been bringing out entertainment to our community of geeks and trivia enthusiast. For all that, as they say, “everything will come to an end”, the 2-year old trivia night event has come to an end.

Last September 30, 2017, Boy Zugba ended its Trivia Night with the Final Battle of the Geeks with over 50 participants. Plus, we gave out free shots of beer for everyone! Thanks team for the wonderful and fun night. Until next time!

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